What Were They Thinking?

Not everyone is as much of a megalomaniac as the world domineering Dr. Doom. After all…he does have a PhD in villainy. Yet what if you’re just an evil every-man? You’re stuck with finding resourceful new super ways of paying the bills.

Have you seen the price of milk these days?! In this economy it takes no less than a death ray just to fill your cereal bowl. Does the Joker give good benefits? Better hope workman’s comp covers “pencil in the eye.” How can thugs make ends meet when Green Goblin can’t afford to stay on his bi-polar meds? Our health care system…now there’s the real bad guy!

Unfortunately we don’t live in a comic book world. Radioactive accidents only give us radiation burns leading to leukemia. Hijacking armored cars filled with advanced alien weaponry is never as easy as saying Mr. Mxyzptlk. But Joe average comic book enemy certainly does live in that panel and paged world! Sometimes mundane individuals are gifted with…well… sub-par superpowers. This site needs a poorer class of criminal and I’m going to give it to them. Every dog has their day! Unfortunately these dogs happen to be the ones right in front of a barreling Batmobile.

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