Anger Management – The Horror in Hulk!

Dichotomy is a regular running theme that spans over many genres, but perhaps most endlessly represented by the comic book industry. It runs the gamut from the effortless spectacles of  the Clark Kent alter-ego to more extremes like the literal bisection of Two-Face. Robert Lewis Stevenson introduced the most significant literary split-personality with his 1886  The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde novella. This was intended as metaphor for the transformational disease of alcoholism – the addictive tonic that brought out the monster in his roommate. Simultaneously you have the similar but even more shape-shifting transmutation of the old-as-time werewolf myth. Dating as far back as ancient Greece, legends of the lycanthrope are ultimately an allegory for the emotional inner beasts within us all. These undeniable influences helped promote countless fictional characters throughout publication – most incredibly in Marvel comics. No one has more experience with losing themselves to the internal tormentor than our favorite gamma-bombed scientist, the Hulk. (more…)