The Top 10 Positive Points to the Star Wars Prequels.

The Star Wars Prequels divided fans like Moses with the red sea. Suddenly our own fandom devolved into opinionated imperials dueling against rabid rebels. Unlike the expanded universe Vong war, it seemed an alliance was more likely with the Trekkies. The feuding factions were fiercely fighting from internet forum to forum. It’s been an enduring nerd civil war since 1999.

In the coming of the contemporary galaxy far, far away, it feels as if prequel pandering has become somewhat fashionable. In the era of escalating Bond-level gadgets, toddlers now have the ability to play amateur filmmaker. Synonymous with these delusions of grandeur came the dawning of the from-the-house film critic and their sometimes rather venomous but commonplace blog reviews. Who more so has employed that wrath than the flannel foe that is George Lucas? (more…)


5 Plot-Points Possibly Included in the Dark Knight Rises From On-Set Extras!

Being born and raised in Pittsburgh, I know firsthand the intensity of the bat-mania that’s struck the Steel City. Being the home of both Micheal Keaton and the late Frank Gorshin, we’re no stranger to the beloved DC title. Nothing short of winning the lottery for the local geek gentry, this August saw bat-pods roaming our streets and Hollywood vigilantism being shot everywhere.  Long gone are the days of being associated with Gotham. These days…we are Gotham!

Have the Dark Knight in my life since infancy, it’s hard to believe that the atop the tumbler speech Bane delivers was shot mere blocks away from my “Holy alcohol-induced projectile vomit, Batman!” college house-party days. There goes the Batwing soaring right by my favorite comic shop haunt! Gary Oldman just touched me…swoon! It’s the nerd norm to predict plot elements, so in honor of all the excitement in both my personal life and with the steadily revealed stills of the latest caped crusader adventure, I thought I’d do just that. Here are your top five the Dark Knight Rises prophecies being delivered from an on-set extra:

5. The Lazarus Pit: “But is Ra’s al Ghul immortal? Are his methods supernatural?” What Christopher Nolan has done is introduce that infamously overused term of realism to the comic book film world. So does that mean the Lazarus pit seems out of that natural realm? It’s not exactly level with the monstrous Man-Bat or the mud man that is Clayface, yet admittedly it does seem a bit too fantastical for this flick. (more…)