Boba Fettish!

...who the hell is this?

It can sometimes feel like you have to punch it to light-speed just to familiarize yourself with every outer rim in the overwhelming Star Wars saga. In the almost limitless archive of characters the universe offers it oftentimes becomes unanswerably clear that you just can’t pick one stand-out persona. On your endless search for that lone favorite, the coronation of one old friend feels like the treacherous disloyalty of another. Quality comes in quantity in this myth from a galaxy far, far away.

It’s like the time someone hauntingly asked who I prefer – Han Solo or Indiana Jones? The world went black and there was this divine backdrop of shimmering white …suddenly I awoke in some corner crying in the fetal position. Apparently I had a fierce aneurysm the size of the second Death Star. The equation for world peace is more easily answered. Yet if staring down the barrel of a blaster, forced to decide or else they’ll bullseye me like some womp rat, who would I crown king to save myself from being the latest steaming mess in the Mos Eisley cantina?

He can also grill one mean T-bone.

Many people ask “Why Boba Fett?” when I reveal my top Star Wars character. I’ve got an unnatural self-proclaimed Boba ‘Fettish,’ as I put it. Granted I’ll be the first to admit that he was conceptually a glorified extra with only one plot-point: Take freeze-pop Solo from point A to B. Therein lays the point! It’s in the mystery that he intrigued excessive fan attention. Ole’ bucket head’s always been visually a little boys dream (cool armor inevitably spawns fascination) but what elevated him to icon status was his obscurity. Luke Skywalker had a thorough every-man background. Han Solo’s space-pirate personality was notorious. Albeit delivering a few revelations along the way, Lord Vader’s history was mapped in stone. The Fett was something else entirely…

I'll be your Boba if you be my Sarlacc.

Before “Attack of the Clones” unfortunately decided to deliver the coup de grâce to the ambiguity, he was instantaneously empathetic. Uniquely he had no major affiliate in the segregated war-torn worlds of Star Wars. He was merely out for his own well-being and benefits. His faceless but identifiable imagery bonded any ethnicity. His appeal encompassed a larger demographic. Children of any race and gender could be the meticulous Mandalorian man-hunter. After all, for all we really knew back then…he was actually she.

Boba granted free-reign with the largely unexplained back-story. He is the spaghetti westerner of the galaxy, the ‘Man with No Name.’ Was the charismatic Fett some sort of alias? Why was “No disintegration!” emphasized? Holy poodoo, did he just talk back to Vader and live!? He’s got the biggest thermal detonators around!


I could envision anything I so liked while playing in the proverbial sandbox. Hardly anchored to the film continuity, my imagination was liberated. He was mine! What more could an artistically budding 80‘s child dream for? Here’s Boba Fett. Here’s your empty canvass. Welcome to a galaxy far, far away.

Look for the man behind the masked mystery and the face of my personal favorite, Jeremy Bulloch, at Steel City Con July 29th – 31st2011.

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