Boba Fettish!

...who the hell is this?

It can sometimes feel like you have to punch it to light-speed just to familiarize yourself with every outer rim in the overwhelming Star Wars saga. In the almost limitless archive of characters the universe offers it oftentimes becomes unanswerably clear that you just can’t pick one stand-out persona. On your endless search for that lone favorite, the coronation of one old friend feels like the treacherous disloyalty of another. Quality comes in quantity in this myth from a galaxy far, far away.

It’s like the time someone hauntingly asked who I prefer – Han Solo or Indiana Jones? The world went black and there was this divine backdrop of shimmering white …suddenly I awoke in some corner crying in the fetal position. Apparently I had a fierce aneurysm the size of the second Death Star. The equation for world peace is more easily answered. Yet if staring down the barrel of a blaster, forced to decide or else they’ll bullseye me like some womp rat, who would I crown king to save myself from being the latest steaming mess in the Mos Eisley cantina? (more…)